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Desert Hot Springs Estate Planning Lawyer Sheila Barton

Desert Hot Springs Estate Planning Lawyer Sheila BartonDesert Hot Springs Estate Planning Attorney Sheila Barton assists clients in creating sensible estate plans and making arrangements for the future. Call our firm for knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel regarding trust administration, durable powers of attorney, wills, probate litigation, trusts, and various other estate planning tools. Ms. Barton works to find the estate planning methods that fit each client in Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County, or anywhere else in California.

Ms. Barton is a skilled and compassionate estate planning attorney who believes in helping people create a lasting legacy that maximizes their lifetime of achievements. She works to simplify the estate planning process and uses common sense and her many years of experience and knowledge to do so. To arrange for a confidential consultation with Ms. Barton, call our probate and estate planning law firm by dialing (760) 834-0444.

Estate Planning Attorney Serving Desert Hot Springs, CA

Desert Hot Springs Estate Planning Lawyer Barton has over 30 years of experience. She carefully crafts estate planning documents in order to accurately represent and accomplish client wishes. Ms. Barton understands how best to maximize accumulated assets, minimize tax liabilities, and decrease the chances of future litigation issues.

Desert Hot Springs Attorney Sheila Barton helps individuals make practical choices in estate planning matters. If you have questions about how to efficiently transfer assets to family or if your concern is about any other estate planning need, call our firm. Ms. Barton offers insightful direction on many estate planning issues.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Ms. Barton creates durable power of attorney documents that assign responsibility for certain financial matters  to a chosen representative. This would become effective upon incapacitation, death, or other specified circumstances. The durable power of attorney removes the need for lengthy courtroom proceedings when appointment of a conservator becomes necessary.

Advance Health Care Directives

When the time comes that an individual is no longer able to make their own medical decisions, an advance health care directive will allow a trusted agent to do this for them. Desert Hot Springs Estate Planning Attorney Sheila Barton can draft effective advance health care directives that provide peace of mind to the family now and in the future.

Trusts Attorney

When an individual has a complete and proper trust established, it can ensure their wishes are respected regarding how assets are handled. As an effective trusts lawyer, Ms. Barton is able to individualize trusts according to the family’s unique circumstances and values. This is accomplished by means of charitable trusts, special needs trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, spendthrift trusts, and other legal methods.

Trust Administration Lawyer

To find accurate answers to questions about trust administration, call Barton Law Firm. Trust Administration Attorney Sheila J. Barton is able to assist families and individuals with creditor claims, trust liquidation, trust accounting, and distribution of assets. She offers reliable guidance to help trust administrators properly fulfill their responsibilities.

Probate Attorney

When a member of the family passes away, others could become overburdened with the complex estate matters and probate issues that often arise. Desert Hot Springs Probate Lawyer Barton is able to create effective strategies for avoiding or resolving such matters, including those involving appraisals, probate document preparation, asset liquidation, heir notification, and more.

Probate Litigation Lawyer

Our estate planning lawyer offers full litigation representation. She has the skill, experience, and knowledge it takes to resolve complicated estate cases. Probate Litigation Attorney Barton handles inheritance disputes, valuation of assets, breaches of fiduciary duty, will contests, and other disputes.

Wills Attorney

When an enforceable and clearly stated will exists, there is better financial protection in place for the family and other beneficiaries. Wills Lawyer Barton can help families reduce the risk of future courtroom litigation. Properly written and executed wills specify how assets, care of young children, and other important concerns are to be handled.

Call an Experienced Desert Hot Springs Estate Planning Law Firm

Desert Hot Springs Estate Planning Lawyer Barton provides compassionate and individualized assistance in creating estate plans that minimize tax liabilities, safeguard wealth, and reduce the chances of litigation. Our estate planning and probate law firm can help enforce your wishes in the event of death, incapacitation, or other circumstances. Attorney Barton can help you gain better peace of mind regarding future medical and financial matters.

Desert Hot Springs Attorney Barton is also a reliable employment attorney. Call our firm if you are involved in an employee vs. employer dispute.

To reach our firm and make an appointment for a confidential consultation with Will and Trust Lawyer Barton, call (760) 834-0444 or submit a completed online evaluation form. Once we receive and review the information, we will get in contact to make an appointment.

At our estate planning law firm, we work to protect your wealth and values. Call Estate Planning and Trust Attorney Barton to learn more about comprehensive estate planning.


From the area near Desert Hot Springs City Hall, make a right on Palm Dr. Take Palm Dr. as it becomes N. Gene Autry Trail, and get on the 10 East. Exit Washington St., and go right. Our office is at 43-576 Washington St., Suite 110.